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Are you ready for this? The Mico Restaurant at the Grand Bohemian Charlotte is probably the most stylish restaurant we’ve been to while traveling. The restaurant’s decor stays true to the property’s Argentinian flair with deep, rich colors, textures, intricate fixtures, and a hint of sexy. It was the perfect spot for us to reunite with some friends in Charlotte. It all started when we walked into the bar area…

Right away we felt like we had stepped outside of the property and were no longer in a typical hotel restaurant. We all met up by the main bar area of Mico. This area features a stunning chandelier that brings a whole lot of glamour to the space. The bar is built out of a deep dark wood – which contributes to the sophisticated atmosphere. The bar area is balanced by the playfulness of the velvet and leather furniture and whimsical art – letting you know not to take yourself too serious. You’re there to enjoy yourself after all.

When it came time for dinner, we were led to our table and immediately WOWed by the setting. We had the opportunity to sit at what I would call a chef style table. Located right across from the kitchen (with a very cool lit bar) we got to watch all of the globally inspired dishes head to the tables around us. On the opposite side is a beautifully lit display of some of the restaurant’s extensive wine collection. The lighting created between these two areas combined with the modern lamps on the table and chandeliers above create a romantic dinner setting. Are you ready for the food?

Right away our server took us through the menu and let us know a bit about the journey our palate was about to embark on. We started with a few cocktails and all went different routes on spirits. Grant started the night with his usual – The Kessler Margarita. This margarita is special with a shot of Grand Marnier included. Grant later even sampled some wines to enjoy with his Wagyu. Yes, he’s still figuring out what he likes, and the team was so helpful with a few tastings. I went the vodka route and tried the restaurant’s signature drink, The Mico. I love a refreshing cocktail and this was definitely that with a side of booze. The perfect way to kick off the night. Our friends also tried the Trade Street Sangria, the Sunny in Charlotte, and another Tempranillo wine. We all were enthusiastic about how good the cocktails were.

To kick off the dinner, Mico treated us to a bread like starter and an amuse bouche composed of tuna and a radish – I don’t know what all was in this, but it was so flavorful for such a small bite. One bite in and we knew the journey had started. We then ordered multiples of the Baked Carolina Dream Oysters and the Lamb Meatballs. Y’all know I always say it – if there is a meatball on the menu, I’m going to order it. The pita bread and bed of Coriander Labneh was the perfect addition to these meatballs. The scent of the herbs and spices was definitely noticeable in all the good ways. This dish prepared us for more or the worldly flair that was to come. Back to the oysters – they were fantastic! If you aren’t a big oyster fan, but you want to become one – you should definitely try these. The bacon provides so much flavor to the oyster and has a good crunch with the bread crumbs. They are also really nice to look at – the dish had a lot of color.

Now to the main attraction – dinner time! Everything on the menu sounded so good. We all wanted to try a little of everything. We tried to order different things to get a taste of a lot! I ordered the Carolina White Shrimp. To my surprise, the dish was a larger than I expected. There was tons of shrimp and the bed of polenta was very flavorful – the dish reminded me a little of Charleston. As I mentioned earlier, Grant order the American Wagyu filet & stuffed Lobster Tail. When this came out it was quite the presentation – the main dish is accompanied by Truffle Blue Cheese Frites, Chimichurri and Herb Compound Butter. Grant was truly in heaven and joined the clean plate club during this meal.

Noah also went the large meat route and ordered the 32oz Porterhouse Steak. It was quite the steak! He paired the steak with the Yuca Fritas – thick cut potatoes with a latin flavor. His girlfriend, Lily ordered the Grilled Cauliflower Steak. Before you ask, no she’s not a vegetarian, she just thought the dish sounded fresh and tasty. The portion for this was also great! The “steak” is wood grilled over Oak, served with Chimichurri, Crispy Shallots, Roasted Garlic, and a 7 Spice blend. It honestly looked and smelled so good, I would definitely try it in the future!

Finally, Karmen and her beau ordered the meatballs and the Caramelized Queen Scallops. I am a big scallop fan and these certainly did not disappoint. There were so many components to this dish that enriched the flavor of the scallops – Jerusalem Artichokes, Broccoli Rabe, Roasted Heirloom Carrots, Preserved Lemon, Harissa Vinaigrette, Ras El Hanou. Yes, they were large scallops, so this dish is good for sharing. Especially, if you want to try lots of other items from the menu, like we did.

Of course, like every exquisite meal, the Mico team made sure that we ended on a sweet note. The best sweet board you ever did see came from that kitchen – full of all kinds of goodies. I mean just look for yourself! I am not typically a huge sweet fan, but the textures, different flavors – some super sweet, and some more tart- helped make this the best selection of sweets. The perfect way to end our evening!

Final Thoughts: If I lived in Charlotte, I know we would be regulars at this restaurant. It feels so elevated and not at all connected to a hotel. The experience for your mouth is like no other – seriously so many flavors that you’re going to want again and again. The service is 12/10 if I could give it that. We were so well taken care of. I think you can already tell I’m obsessed with the ambiance and decor. We will for sure be back on our next visit to the Queen City. Got an anniversary, birthday, or family dinner coming up? Book your reservation at Mico now.

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