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Hey guys! It’s been a while. For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that I took a much needed break to transition into a lot of things. Obviously, I have now settled into my new job and the new projects that came my way right before or right after fashion week. I took some time to travel and really enjoy myself after working so hard for months on our production for Fashion Week. During that time, I was able to make new friends, visit new places, try new things, reflect on myself, and take on new adventures.

Now, I am back with more excitement then ever to share some of the things that have been happening behind the scenes. While I may not have been posting new content over my break, that does not mean there was no work being done. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of the brands, collaborations, and trips that I have been working on.

As new adventures begin, a lot of things are changing, but I am also staying true to myself and my “roots.” I believe you’ll see this in this first post back with the items I have picked. Every new adventure requires a new bag, so let’s check out whats in my bag… 

Distressed Leather Briefcase $498.00 

This leather briefcase from Brooks Brothers has been one I obsessed over all of winter and early spring. I love the classic and clean style of the briefcase. When it comes to luggage and bags, I love structure, and this bag has just that. While it may look tangible, you can sit it down and it will stand up on its own and you can stuff it full and the shape will remain the same. The briefcase is very minimal in its leather design, keeping it youthful and professional. Therefore, this briefcase will pair well with any outfit and at any time. My final thought on the design is to the life of the briefcase. The bag  is made with great attention and durability. It is a piece that will age well and may even look better with a little distress from the many months of carrying it.

The pocket on the outside of the briefcase is great because you do not want to always have to open your entire briefcase to find something you need quickly. By placing the important documents or materials in the pocket on the outside, the briefcase allows you to be efficient. In the fast paced world that I deal with, this is key and a big pro when it comes to purchasing a briefcase. 

The inside of a briefcase is just as important as the outside. For me, I love a big open interior that I can organize things how I want into. This design is perfect for that. The interior is one big pocket with 3 organizational pouches that help keep things neat.  

Stripe Key Fob $19.50 

Keeping with the idea of being minimal and classic is one of Brooks Brother’s Stripe Key Fobs. People who are around me on a regular basis will tell you how much I can not stand having a lot of things in my pockets or carrying lots of keys around. Think back to the high school days when girls had those big plastic monograms on their key chains,  their cheer leading ribbons, and a key to every family members home or vehicle. I still cringe at the thought of that. Therefore, these stripe key fobs are great to keep things minimal, but still give character to your key chain. This pattern is classic Brooks Brothers. I own a bow tie, a tie, a bracelet, and the key chain in this pattern because its one of my favorites. The one featured in my flat-lay is also one of my favorites because its a shade of blue, most importantly, it includes navy 😉

 Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses with Yellow BB#1 Repp Stripe $150.00:

You guys know my obsession with sunglasses, especially aviators. Let’s be honest though, everyone has a pair of the classic gold framed aviators. This pair and several others from Brooks Brothers caught my attention because they have that special touch that help your pair of glasses stand out from everyone else. The interior design is a subtle way to show your personality and keep the classic pair of sunglasses for every occasion. I encourage you all to check out the different variations of design within the sunglasses from the collaboration between Ray-Ban and Brooks Brothers. The inside detailing is also available in the Wayfarer style.

 Pebble Leather Card Case $98.00:

Everything navy! That is how it should be, right? At least that is what my closets would say if they could talk. Clearly, is it to no ones surprise that navy is my neutral. The purpose of this small leather good is a card case, but I double it as a minimalist wallet. I rarely ever carry cash, so it works perfect for holding my credit cards and business cards (always, always, always carry your card to represent yourself!). A little texture with my favorite color and an easy design. I think you guys understand why I snagged this small leather good.  

I understand a lot of people are more practical and actually carry cash or emergency paper money, no worries, this card holder can still work for you. The center pocket has enough storage for a couple Benjamins, just don’t overfill it.

  Argyle Sutherland Repp Bow Tie $59.50 :

Bow ties will forever be my staple. This bow tie has made an appearance across my social media various times in the classic green and navy brooks brother pattern, (the pattern on the key fob). Simple, versatile, and stylish. Why wouldn’t you like these?

For those of you not into the whole bow tie game (whats wrong with you?), the Repp pattern also comes in tie forms! Check them out here. 

Round Watch with Embossed Leather Band $700.00 :

After dropping a good chunk of change for my last three watches to step up my watch collection *insert sweating smiling emoji*, I took a break from the timepiece world. The watches from Brooks Brothers recently caught my eye due to the simple, yet stylish detailing and classic look. They are watches that I could see myself purchasing and passing on to my kids as classics one day.

 A Gentleman Abroad $36.00 :

So clearly, this book goes perfect with my “new adventure” theme and the flat lay, but I included it because its a short read that covers so many aspects of traveling and answers a lot of questions that man of us have thought of before and been to afraid to ask. I had not sat down to read a book in so long and this short work was easy and fun to read.  There are several other books offered by Brooks Brothers that are just as good of reads for both ladies and gentlemen alike. Check them out in the link above.

It feels good to be back and there will be more updates and more content very soon. In the meantime, let me know what you think of these items or if you want me to suggest similar items that you can purchase at different prices or styles. Lastly, ask yourself, am I ready for a new adventure? When is the last time you tried something new? The adventure is out there, waiting on you to embark on it. The time is now, just go for it!

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