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When hunting for a new loafer, I wanted something classic, but with a little more character. A lot of loafers and drivers these days are looking more and more similar to each other, no matter what brand they are from. Sure, I am all about hopping on the latest trends or buying the best sellers, but this time, I was searching for a little more. Lately, I have focused more on adding pieces to my closet from companies that I can connect with and that really take time to focus on their craft and the details.

As I scrolled through websites and browsed in stores, I found myself looking for smaller companies or established brands that were introducing new concepts. Over the summer, a couple of influencer buddies visited for a boys weekend in Charleston. Noah @noahwilliamsstyle, provided me with my first up close look of the Jack Rogers Men’s Collection. I had heard about the new collection earlier in the summer and had even looked online, but did not think much of it. After all, Jack Rogers was the brand my sister and every sorority girl from college went to for their staple shoe. While in Charleston, Noah, wore his pair of Grayson Loafers with several of his outfits for the weekend. The more I saw them, the more I wanted to check them out.

I finally decided to reach out to Jack Rogers (@jackrogersusa) and learn more about their Men’s Collection. First off, the girls over at Jack Rogers have got to be some of the nicest and most easy going people that I know. This made my initial conversations with the brand pleasant and exciting! After a couple weeks of planning , we were set to collaborate. So, how does a well established women’s shoe brand tackle the male shoe market?

Jack Rogers announced the launch of their first Men’s Collection in October of 2015. The debut Men’s collection includes 13 styles in a variety of colors and became available for purchase in February of 2016. Quickly, consumers learned that the iconic brand’s rapid growth and international expansion set the perfect pathway for the launch of the men’s line. The lifestyle brand now caters to both women and men through their island inspired style. The men’s collection perfectly complements the popular ladies shoes with a variety of sandals and loafers. The classic casual options are inspired by the jet-set life. Each shoe embodies the same spirit of impeccable design and easy elegance. The collection features signature details like the leather whipstitching for which the sophisticated yet relaxed footwear brand is known for. The styles in the Jack Rogers men’s collection also include pops of vibrant colors and bold patterns (perfect for you madras and seersucker lovers). The embroidered logos and proprietary outsoles give each shoe a recognizable look that is unmistakably Jack Rogers (@jackrogersusa).

The day my package from Jack Rogers arrived, I was super excited to try the Grayson Loafers on and style several pieces with them. I wore them around for a couple of days focusing on the wear from everyday use, the comfort of the shoe, and the design. My first impression was that they were incredibly comfortable. Breaking them in was super easy and did not take more than a couple of hours before feeling like they were made specifically for my feet. With the streets of Charleston being hard on shoes, due to the cobble stone, the Greyson soles make them perfect for lots of walking commutes. I was also immediately obsessed with the detailing through out the shoe: the tassels, the soles, and the leather.

Finally, I came up with the concept of “A Weekend with Jack Rogers.” Three days to show the versatility of the Grayson loafer. Check out how I spent my weekend:


My weekend kicked off with a pretty easy Friday. I spent the morning in the marble office responding to e-mails and sipping on my liquid energy with my favorite song playing through my earphones. This first look is a simple button down and shorts. The look is casual enough to reassure myself that is truly is Friday, but still well put together for lunch meetings with a client and out for drinks with friends in the evening. The Grayson Loafer elevates this looks for my meetings, but keeps the look cool and casual for when I go out with my friends.


It is no secret that I am obsessed with white denim. Forget about all the rules and the fact that I have 6 pairs (just the bare necessitates)…it may be after Labor day, but my white denim has now transitioned into a “winter white.” This look is a little different that what I normally wear, but I have continued to try mixing new pieces in my wardrobe. The long sleeve polo and white denim create a clean and crisp look that really allows the focus to be on the shoes. Obviously, I did this on purpose to really gage how others reacted to my new loafers. Once I hit the streets for some shopping and lunch with friends, people noticed the shoes. Friends, clients, and even strangers realized that I had added a new pair of soles to my closet. Even several of you messaged me via Snapchat and Instagram to ask for more information regarding my new kicks. The Grayson Loafer is definitely eye catching and for all the right reasons.


As the weekend came to a close, I started getting a little lazy, but at the same time I needed to get some work done. I don’t always wear a t-shirt, but when I do, its all about t-shirts from @shopianmarko. They truly do porvide the best fitting tee that I have ever had. The tailored and refined fit of the t-shirt matches perfectly with my Jack Rogers’ loafers. My morning consisted of a casual brunch (favorite meal of the week) and finding ways to procrastinate preparing for the week. The t-shirt and blazer trend is becoming more and more popular, so I was excited to try it out on this laid back Sunday. Especially, with a casual meeting scheduled in the evening for my 1 Year Blog Anniversary. The loafers kept me comfortable and relaxed during the day. The combination of the blazer and loafers dressed it up enough to get away with the look for a casual meeting. I am a big fan of the the look and you all will probably see it again soon on the blog.  

 I am 100% sure that I have found my new staple loafer for the upcoming season. I give the Jack Rogers Grayson Loafer my #BTGApproved seal of approval. From style, to versatility, and comfort, Jack Rogers truly paid attention to every detail before tackling the male shoe market. I would say they have done a great job with their newly launched Men’s collection. I know that there is a Men’s Fall Collection scheduled to be released soon and I can not wait to check it out! You better believe that I will be getting my hands on a pair or two from the new collection (FYI some new styles have already been added). In the meantime, check out the Grayson Loaferand experience the rest of the Jack Rogers Mens Collection for yourself.

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