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Before you read: This is how I procrastinated my Monday Responsibilities…it might be funny?

Yes, we are all familiar with the evil stepsister day of the week and her name is Monday. There are those who had a little too much fun over the weekend (one too many mimosas at brunch) and others who just didn’t have enough time to finish that long To-Do list (instead we finished the whole pack of cookies, while watching a full series of a new tv show on Netflix…thats an accomplishment, right?). Whatever your reason is for the #MondayBlues, there is for sure one way to combat the dreadful first day of the week. One of the ways that I [try to] take on the #MondayBlues is with a stylish battle armor. I beleive that as long as “Im feeling’ myself,” I can take on any obstacle that comes my way. Yes, cue the Beyonce X Nicki Minaj lyrics in your head as you prepare to face the Battle of the Mondays. Lets be honest though, this battle armor might be a little boring so you have to make sure the accessories are top notch to scare the opponent away. In this case, it just so happens that the accessories are all in my favorite neutral.

The Battle of the Mondays tends to be sluggish and full of a lot of down time. Somehow the opponent , Monday, finds a way to slow down time and drag on the battle. So do as I say and put on a comfortable pair of shoes, but still make sure those kicks are 100. Pick a great pair out and they’re bound to get you some compliments from a student in class or your coworker in the office. You can thank me later. Need some help? Head over and check out the new Jack Rogers for Men Collection. The Easton Boat Shoes are sure to elevate your armor and keep you looking fresh.

There is sure to be some downers and haters on the opposing army. As hard as you may be trying to stay focused, get things done, and be positive, they are always going to be around to try to knock you down. Grab your hater blockers and block out the negativity. The reflective lens is currently a big trend, especially in the blue. These Krewe Conti – Black 24K shades are sure to reflect the negativity and keep you chugging along.

Staying on track is hard and time is going to drag by, but at least you’re wrist is going to look good every time you check the time! This new strap curtsey of the team at Asher Riley will do the trick. Sure, they’re meant to be for your watch, but you can also wear them as a bracelet. Check out the other needlepoint straps for your watch and some of their other goods here. A little shine is also always good. Think of adding a metal accessory to your wrist such as this nail cuff from Giles & Brother.

Finally, stay true to yourself and your identity. Its as easy as carrying some identification in a practical wallet like the one from Anson Calder or wearing a signature piece that your known for like this Brackish Bow Tie.

Once you’ve put on the armor and accessorized it well, you’re ready to take on the Battle of the Mondays. Get out there and win! (LOL)

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