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There’s no doubt that we’re all currently missing being abroad, going on adventures, and discovering new places. That’s why when I heard about the Burgess Hotel, I was ecstatic to find a place to discover and experience worldly travels just a few hours from home.

The Burgess Hotel is located in the heart of Atlanta’s Buckhead district. The moment you walk in the door to check in, guests feel like they have transported to a part of Asia. The warm textures and worldly sourced items immediately prepare you for a luxurious experience like no other. It’s a space created with a family touch and exquisite attention to detail. The art by the main doors are pieces of art by the hotelier’s mother. They pay homage to her influence to the family’s love of art.

Workspace: Past the check-in desk the lobby offers a quaint library full of color and comfort to meet for work or a cocktail. The area offers lots of natural light during the day to stay focused, but at night turns into a moody space lit with lots of lamp light and a fireplace. The lobby also offers a large communal table to sit for a few hours of work. The space is outfitted with outlets and usb ports at your lap, high speed wi-fi, and plenty of drinks and snacks hidden perfectly behind the grey lacquered built ins. The set up makes it pretty hard to not get your list for the day complete. For larger teams the property also offers a board room and other meeting spaces.

Rooms: Up the elevator and onto each floor, you’ll find that every landing has custom accent walls created by the hoteliers daughter. You’ll also find her images and artwork in various parts of the lobby and many of the rooms – one of the beautiful touches the family adds throughout the boutique hotel.

From the moment you open the unmistakable laquered blue door, you know you’re checking into another part of the world – no matter if your GPS tags you in ATL. This room is laid out with such great flow and the accommodations are bar-none. From the cozy work/dining area to the wet bar, light and bright bathroom and the cloud-like bed anchored by a custom indigo headboard the family has thought of absolutely everything. They prepared to exceed any expectations you had before booking the property.

And if you’re looking for an even bigger experience, let the Burgess hotel take you to China, London, Arabia, India, Morocco, Indonesia, Fiji or Africa via one of their themed suites. These suites are out of this world and decorated with pieces sourced from individual countries as well as details that give ode to more family memories. Have a look at the superb suites for yourself here and book your next stay based off your favorite place to travel or maybe somewhere you’ve been coveting to experience

The Bar: There is more family touches back down in the lobby. The bar is named after the owner’s father and even features his favorite cocktail – the Mr. B Gin and Tonic. Apart from the intimate bar area, the sophisticated space also features a couple of group tables that are framed with photographs by the hotelier’s father. The photographs tell the story of the first excursion by an Indian team up Mt. Everest. It’s a story of accomplishment and support of both small and local business. This is one of the aspects that the hotel and its owners personify in every day operations.

Experience More: For when you need to sweat out a long day or enjoy a nice dip the Burgess offers a state of the art gym with throwback decor and a pool inside a garden oasis. There is also the property’s restaurant, Fia, with a Mediterranean menu that features the chef’s passion on a plate. The dining experience is perfect for date night, celebratory occasions, or just because its that good. Check out our review here.

The Burgess Hotel is all about discovery – discovering how a family’s touch can make you feel right at home even though you checked in as a guest, discovering how details make all the difference, and discovering an experience that will have you returning time and time again. The Burgess Hotel and their team are that good. We know we’ve found a home anytime we’re in Atlanta, and we can not wait to see what country we will be transported to on our next stay. Where will you go? Book now.

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