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AHHH. So basically, I am writing this an hour after I have been made aware of my nomination for the 2016 Charleston Social Media Day – Excellence in Social Media Award. It is truly a great honor and I am so excited to a part of the conference and the award ceremony! So what is the Charleston Social Media Day? Find out below and help me by following the 4 steps below to VOTE for me!

The Charleston Social Media Day will take place on June 30th and is a celebration of social media platforms and their use in the promotion of Charleston as a tech-forward city. This year, the event will include an educational panel, with local experts discussing two important topics: “Crisis Communications: a panel discussion on how to handle social media during times of crisis using proper messaging and avoiding mishaps,” and “#SquadGoals: a panel discussion on how to work with your social media community, bloggers + online influencers.” To celebrate Social Media Day, our local social media community is promoting the use of the hashtag #chsyou starting today through June 30. This is a chance for locals to show what Charleston means to them by submitting pictures to social platforms with the hashtag #chsyou.

In keeping with tradition, Social Media Awards presented by Charleston City Paper will be given out during the cocktail celebration. So, how can you help me? It would mean a lot if each of you followed the instructions below to VOTE for me and the award I’ve been nominated for…PLUS, its your chance to vote on some of your other Charleston favorites!

Step 1: Follow the link:

Step 2: Click on Register/Login on the right side of the page. You will have to create an account for the vote to be valid.

Step 3: BEFORE you can vote, you must go to the e-mail that you used and Confirm your account. The link provided to confirm your account is the link that you will use to vote! 

This is how you know you are all done! When you reach this pop up, just know that I am thanking each and every one of you for voting 🙂 Seriously, thank you guys for the support! 

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