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When the weekend arrives, you can find me seeking the best place for my favorite meal of the week, Brunch! There is nothing better than several glasses of mimosas, a table full of friends or family, and eating delicious food until you’ve reached a food coma. Living in Charleston, Brunch can be found sharpied in to everyone’s weekly agendas or marked “BUSY” in one’s iPhone.

I am always looking to bump up the Brunch experience.  When I heard that Cannon Green had elevated their Brunch experience with a DJ and bottomless mimosas, I text the boys and we set up a day to check it out for ourselves.  

Walking in the doors of @cannongreenchs, it is a blogger’s dream. A clean elegant space, architectural focal points, and the smell of delicious food. An ambiance that you can’t wait to partake in as you wait to be seated.

Our table was located in the main dinning room in the center of the restaurant. The seating gave us easy access to the bar, the outside space, and great views of everything that came out of the kitchen. From our table, we could also view the staircase that lines the left side of the bar and leads up to a intimate second floor dinning space. During Brunch, this space is also utilized as DJ @nattyheavy‘s booth. The music is directed to the outside courtyard, but trickles in with the open doors to the main dinning space. This allows guests to enjoy brunch inside without loud music, while still partaking on the outside party space! 

Immediately after taking a seat, we were greeted by fantastic staff, the manager, and MIMOSAS. Yes, Cannon Green has a delicious assortment of drinks to pair with their brunch. If you need to keep the party going from the night before, their full service bar and talented bar tenders can whip up anything you ask, even those special requests. 

After placing our order, we grabbed our mimosas and made our way to the outside space. Palm trees and water features line the outside walls while the DJ’s tracks play overhead. Great seating and some shade make for the perfect place to hang out with friends and get the #SundayFunday festivities rolling.

Left and right we found the perfect places for images. So like any good blogger, we grabbed the camera and began a mini photo-shoot. The energetic beats coming from the mezzanine made for great vibes while shooting and hanging out.

A few minutes later, our waiter let us know that our brunch dishes were ready. We all rushed to the table to find a savory layout. Yes, the food flat lay was very eye pleasing and each dish was just as delicious as they look. A big applause to the design of the restaurant because we had the perfect lighting for images. Let me tell you about everything we got to indulge in. 

The first dish that we all took a bite of was the, Diablo Roja, which Alec ordered. A roasted potatoes and egg based dish with salsa rosa, queso fresco, and cilantro that features Chorizo. It’s definitely one of those dishes if you have a big appetite..or if you’re in need of a hangover cure. The potatoes and chorizo add the perfect mix of seasoning to the eggs and salsa roja. There is not really a spicy level to the dish. It is more of a mix of flavorful spices and textures to make your tummy very happy! Of course, the lover of cheese in me was a big fan of the queso fresco, the perfect extra garnish.  

Noah decided on Cannon Green’s Eggs Benedict. The dish is made up of two poached farm eggs, crispy ham, Brown’s Court English muffins, and Hollandaise cause. Mr. Williams knows a little about a good brunch, so I was surprised when he named this classic Eggs Benedict dish to be his “favorite version so far.” For Noah, it is all about the texture when it comes to this brunch classic. He has “found from time to time that when eating some Eggs Benedict, the egg can have an unpleasant slime-like texture that is unappealing.” The Cannon Green’s version was rich in flavor and just the right texture to produce a savory dish.  

Lastly, I had my eyes set on the Fried Chicken Sandwich. A crispy piece of fried chicken placed in between an everything brioche bun that has been drizzled with samba aioli, topped off with house-made pickles, and paired with crispy herb fries. If that does not sound like a savory mouthful to you, you have probably lost your mind. The moment I took my first bite, I was immensely satisfied. Between the bun, the juicy pickles, and the perfectly spiced crunch of the chicken, it makes for the perfect combination. Im pretty picky when it comes to fries. These are fried to perfection and crunchy throughout with the right amount of salt and herbs. Definitely a winner in my book!

Elegant inside and outside dinning spaces, a DJ creating an upbeat atmosphere, and incredibly savory food make Cannon Green one of my top 5 brunch spots for Charleston. With plenty of time to plan this weekend’s Brunch plans, make sure to make you reservation at Cannon Green! Thanks for having us, we will be back very soon.

Cannon Green

103 Spring Street

Charleston, SC 29403

843. 817. 7311

Brunch 11am – 3pm

Tuesday – Saturday 5pm – 11pm


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