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**Tune in below to see the new Delsey Luggage in action**

The latest phenomenon in traveling is the perfect travel luggage. Like the importance of the accessories for your travel outfit, picking the right luggage has become a priority for every trip. From 4 wheels to a built in lock, the options for luggage have skyrocketed. As I planned out the year, I knew that I wanted to travel more than ever this year. I knew it was important to find a luggage partner that would accommodate every travel need I could not currently anticipate. For months, I searched for a luggage company to partner with that would fit my brand and stay ahead of the trends. As I searched Instagram, I came across Delsey Luggage – a French success story spanning over more than seven decades. I was immediately drawn to their sleek designs and could see their vision for innovation in their products.

So the research began, I visited their website to learn even more about the brand and their history. Everything I was looking for to check off on my list was there. Reading about the company and their products, I could really connect with everything they stood and strived for. As my travel plans were still in the air, I knew nothing about where I would be traveling or what my exact needs would be, but I realized that what made Delsey perfect for me was their innovative response to a world in a constant flux. No matter where the year took me, I felt confident that Delsey would be able to accommodate all my travel needs. They also checked off one my biggest worries – the weight of a piece of luggage. Why? Well…one, I don’t know about you guys, but I need luggage that doesn’t weight too much. Whether its a weekend trip or a 10 day vacation, I am a professional over packer. Therefore, I need my piece of luggage to not the weight limit when I reach checking in for my flight – after all, who wants to decide between your two favorite pairs of slippers or the 3 extra watches you’ve packed just to pass the weight check? NOT me! Two, traveling can be exhausting as it is, carrying luggage should be easy, not a struggle. I loved learning that Delsey produces the lightest luggage and the strongest zip case ever. Once I checked off all of my requirements,  Delsey proved to constantly be able to adapt to offer new, functional, and innovative light products, while remaining true to their Parisian origin.

After several e-mails with the company, I felt confident and eager to begin traveling with my new luggage partner. I quickly realized that my first trip of the year was just days away. I was surprised by the incredible customer service – a quick response and genuine interest in a long term relationship versus a one time post. I quickly learned that this aspect and value of the company was applied to more than just our interaction. The importance of a lasting relationship with the brand between customer and product was set high on the list. When it came to picking out my first piece of luggage, all my concerns were heard and I was excited to have my piece overnighted just in time for my first trip of the year.

While the FedEx man gave me the worlds worst side eye for having to deliver the oversized Delsey box to my second floor unit, I was ecstatic to receive a box half as tall as me with my new luggage. As I opened the box, I realized I had made the right decision by going with the closest thing to my everyday navy neutral – blue. I was prepared to have to work muscles I did not know existed to pull the luggage out of the box, but it was surprisingly easy thanks to the ultra-lightweight and durable material of my new 29″ Bastille Lite.

I highly recommend Delsey and their products to all of you as your next venture in travel luggage. They offer various color and sizes to fit the needs of customers around the world. I am super excited to pick out my next piece for my next adventure!

FYI- My Bastille Lite is currently on SALE here. Finally, check out my Delsey Luggage in action during our Weekend Stay at the Beach Club Charleston in the video below.

 Delsey Luggage

Videography by Jordan Visuals

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