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Months ago, I had the honor of attending a lavish party on upper King Street in Charleston, SC. A party for the one and only, Amy Driggers of Taxidermy.

Of course, I had to get in on the Taxidermy action and immediately wanted to work with her. Luckily, I know a girl who knows a girl. @MissTaraBelle quickly put me in touch with Amy to get to know more about her and her brand.

After college, Amy spent some time learning the ins and outs of the business world to combine her love for exotic skins and launch her own line. Her first design for her one of her sought out bags came to life about 5 years ago. Last April, Amy was able to apply her knowledge and launch her own line via

The launch of her line all started with Amy finding the perfect purveyor of exotic skins. She wants to provide the best quality possible and did not stop until she found the right fit. It took her some time, but she was able to connect with a family-run factory in Indonesia. This particular factory is involved in every part of the process, from beginning to end. The relationship between the two has truly grown and “they are a joy to work with.”

Each of Amy’s bags are a “timeless classic with a bit of an edge.” Each uniquely structured bag also includes her signature antler logo. The antler logo came about from Amy’s belief that every “handbag is a trophy a woman collects.” The name for her line, Taxidermy, was a word she stumbled upon during a dinner conversation. The word stuck in her mind and she loved how edgy and cool it was.

Amy pays homage to strong women with the names of her bags, including various family members, who have influenced her along the way. One of the many examples is the “Ashford.” This satchel collection is named after her grandmother and sister, it is also her mother’s middle name. The name originated from her grandfather, Snowden Ashford, who was Washington, DC’s first municipal architect.  

The start of this exotic endeavor blew up over night when Beyonce, that’s right, you read that correctly…Beyonce…carried an “Antler” clutch to a premiere. The clutch was photographed and Taxidermy’s Instagram, @shoptaxidermy took off. The Antler Clutch is one of two designs that Amy launched with in April of 2014.

In March of 2015, Amy showcased Taxidermy at a trunk show during Charleston Fashion Week. Her Instagram followers again grew thanks to a blurb by a blogger and folks on King Street in downtown Charleston stopped her to ask, “Is that a Taxidermy bag?” It’s cool to hear how Amy reacts every time she gets a question like this. She’s such a humble person and is constantly freaking out with excitement when she’s asked these questions.

Amy has also had A-listers and various celebrities carry her luxurious products. I mentioned that Beyonce has carried several of the Antler Clutches. Several of the Kardashians have also been seen wearing another one of Amy’s products, custom Chuck Taylor. The “Luxe Taylors,” as Amy calls them, are available in python, ostrich, alligator or stingray skins and the colors are endless. These custom pieces are made in all sizes as well. Kourtney Kardashian and her kids, Mason and Penelope, have all been seen wearing these. Obviously, it’s a great honor to have celebrities carry or wear her products. Amy says, “To see someone wearing something I created, it’s like Christmas every time. 

Fast forward to this year and Amy has worked with various bloggers in town, magazines, celebrities, and helped dress for events. In just a couple weeks, Amy will mark off another accomplishment. Taxidermy will be featured in the opening night of Baker Motor’s Charleston Fashion Week. It’s a show that is the talk of the town! New colors and new designs are something that everyone is looking forward to. I’m excited and honored to say that Tara and I for our #TheBelleandTheBow collaboration will be wearing several pieces during Fashion Week. I am especially excited about one of the pieces I am wearing on opening night. Let’s just say, you may find the only other one in Queen B’s closet 😉

So what’s in store for Taxidermy after Fashion Week? You can expect to see much more of Amy and Taxidermy. Several stores in town and around the country already carry her luxurious items, but we’re sure there will be plenty more wanting to carry her goods after the show. I’m sure even more celebrities will be seen carrying the antler logo. And there is even discussion of a storefront for Taxidermy. This brand is taking off and Amy is taking over the world, one exotic skin bag at a time.

You will want to keep up with all news Taxidermy. Follow along on social media and check out her website for more exotic items. I take no responsibility (and encourage) if you end up with several items in your cart, come check out time.

Take a look at some of her other collections: various colors, outfitted with various exotic skins, and various custom order options are available.  





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