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Everyone by this point knows that I love going on walks. Seriously, it is almost impossible not to when I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I will admit, there are some days that I walk, as sweat is falling from my forehead from walking 500 feet, that I question why I decided to leave my perfectly air conditioned apartment. Yes, it may be one of the most beautiful cities, but it does get very very hot. Anyways….there is nothing like a good Saturday Stroll to kick off the weekend.  For me, I get up and go on a walk to clear my head and prepare myself for the day. I think about everything I need to get accomplished during the day and by the end of the weekend. I probably look like the annoying person always on my phone as I walk the streets of downtown Charleston, but in reality, I am building my to-do list and settings reminders. I’ve learned that reflection is such an important part of life and can be very helpful. Long walks at the beginning or end of a day may not suit everyone, but you can easily adjust this to fit your specific likes. Go to your favorite coffee shop and sit or find a bench in the park with your favorite playlist. Once you have found a place, here is how you can get started:

-Take in the area that is around you. I promise that there will be things that you never noticed before and you will find a new look on everything around you. This always helps me clear my head and get in a good state of mind before focusing on the rest of my walk.

-Think about the past week. Make a mental list of all the “successes”  you had and praise yourself for those things. It is always important to start with the positive. Plus, it is good to give yourself a pat on the back or credit for the things you have done. If you don’t, who will?

-Even though we may hate to think about it, look at the things that were not so good in the past week. Maybe even write those down, this way you can then think about how you can avoid the negativity in the next week or do better in a certain situation.

-I am all about lists. I did it all through school in planners, scrap sheets of papers, and even on homework assignments. Make a list of things you need to accomplish. Don’t get overwhelmed! Again, don’t get overwhelmed. Once you have come up with a list, you are going to place tasks on two lists. Focus on the things that need priority and place them in a list that requires you to get them done by the end of the day. For example, you have two things left hanging in your closet and are headed for a busy week. Place that on your “Finish by end of day” list and place going shopping for new shoes for an event a month from now, on the other list. The “Other List” is one that I usually keep on going and will move stuff from it to the “finish by end of day.” It helps me think of everything I want to get done, but also prioritize on what is really important.

-Once you have made all your lists, its important to transfer tasks to where you will see them most or be reminded of what you need to get done. I place mine in two places: my phone notes & calendar and my agenda. I love having everything in one place on my phone, since I do work from it a lot, but I also love seeing everything on paper and in a calendar. This will keep you organized and will help in those crazy situations so you do not get overwhelmed.

-Lastly, just sit and think of how much you have accomplished just by taking time to reflect and organize yourself. Take as long as you need, I promise it will make you feel better about the week ahead. Believe in yourself and do not overthink things or give yourself the feeling of being overwhelmed. You’ve got this!

Hope this helps to get started! I can always answer questions or give advice on time management or organization. I have gotten pretty good at both over the years and especially over the past few months. OHhhh and one last thing! Wherever you go and however you decide to reflect, make sure that you are comfortable and feeling good about yourself! It is different for everyone! For me, I get up, shower, fix my hair, and slip on a button down, a pair of pants, the pair of shoes I am obsessed with at the given time, and accessorize. I know it seems crazy that this is what I am most comfortable in, but it just is! Nothing like tossing my non-iron shirt into the dryer for 3 minutes and pulling it out perfectly ready to wear with a pair of jeans. For you, it may be throwing on a t-shirt and short or a comfy hoodie and sneakers.  Just make sure you are comfortable!

Click the small image below to expand the details of my look. It will give you direct links to these items below and where you can purchase them!

-Button down and jeans from Brooks Brothers

Needlepoint belt from Tucker Blair

-Glasses by Ray-Ban in collaboration with Brooks Brothers

Brown Tasseled loafers by Zara

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