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As I looked for new bow ties to add to my collection, I wanted to share some of my favorites! Now, I know yall are thinking, “Do you really need any more bow ties?” The answer is, YES! One can never have too many! My senior year of college comes to an end in just under two weeks. Therefore, the real world is coming my way. I know that the real world will be full of many adjustments and one might be…this is hard for me to say..I may have to wear a tie and not a bow tie (cringe). So youll see some of my favorite ties in this list as well!

Do you have any of these? Which is your favorite? Sound off in the comment section below!

1.Nautically Embroidered by J. Crew: $55

2.Minnow Plaid Woven Bow Tie by Vineyard Vines: $65

3. Stripes Woven Tie by Vineyard Vines: $125

4. Classic VV Whale Tie by Vineyard Vines: $85

5. Blake Check by High Cotton: $50

6. Blue Avery by High Cotton: $60

7. Boardwalk Patchwork Madras by High Cotton: $50

8. Clarke Stripe by High Cotton: $50

9. Easton Linen by High Cotton: $60

10. Lavender Check by High Cotton: $50

11. Mint Julep Madras by High Cotton: $50

12. Pink Avery by High Cotton: $60

13. Sea Glass Stripe by High Cotton: $50

14. Azalea/Navy Silk Repp Stripe by Social Primer: $95

15. Blue/White Repp Stripe and Seahorse by Social Primer: $95

16. Pink/Green Silk Repp Stripe by Social Primer: $95

17. Sea Stripe Bow Tie by Southern Tide: $55

18. Reef Knot Bow Tie by Southern Tide: $55

19. Framed Mogador Stripe by Brooks Brothers: $98.50

20. Triple Stripe by Brooks Brothers: $115

21. Sidewheeler Stripe by Brooks Brothers: $98.50

22. Rope Bit Link by Brooks Brothers: $79.50

23. Reversible Seersucker Sail Boats by Brooks Brothers: $65

24. Flowers and Pine by Brooks Brothers: $55

25. Reversible Rope Stripe and Anchors by Brooks Brothers: $65

26. Beer Run Beau by Southern Proper: $60

27. Booze Cruise Beau by Southern Proper: $60

28. Woven King Cotton by Southern Proper: $40

29. Windsor Dots by Randy Hanauer: $55

30. South Hampton Stripes by Randy Hanauer: $55

31. Denim Dots by Randy Hanauer: $55

32. Houndstooth by Randy Hanauer: $60

33. Buckingham Stripes by Randy Hanauer: $60

34. Classic Bow by Properly Tied: $45

35. Original Logo Bow by Properly Tied: $45

36. Resort Stripe Bow by Properly Tied: $45

37. Riverbanks Bow by Properly Tied: $45

38. Colby Bow by Properly Tied: $45

39. French Riviera Twill Regatta by Peter Millar: $115

40. French Riviera Dot by Peter Millar: $115

41. Mr. Hinckley by Kiel James Patrick: $65

42. Mizzenmast by Kiel James Patrick: $65

43. Creighton Freeboard by Kiel James Patrick: $65

44. Hendrick Foredune by Kiel James Patrick: $65

45. Astor Fetch by Kiel James Patrick: $65

46. Mr. Sailayacht by Kiel James Patrick: $85

47. Mixed Signals by Kiel James Patrick: $75

48. Foullards by Kiel James Patrick: $75

49. Foxknot by Kiel James Patrick: $85

50. The Schooner by Kiel James Patrick: $85

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