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This morning I was able to see an idea I had months ago come to fruition. An idea that I slowly turned into a project, built a proposal, and hit send on a email for the opportunity to work with a great brand. The idea was entertained and a collaboration was begun. Seeing an idea that I once thought was unattainable, turn into a collaboration, has to be one of the greatest feelings.

This journey started only a year and a half ago as an Instagram account, then a Tumblr page, and now a blog. I love waking up every morning and finding balance between work and blogging. Finding something new everyday and having the opportunity to explore it, while combining my passions for fashion, photography, food, and travel is what keeps me going everyday.

Thank you to the people who have pushed me to go for this dream. You all have helped push me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me every step of the way. Also, thank you to every single one of you who has criticized this idea, everyone who had something negative to say about BTG, and everyone who thinks it’s just a joke. You all have motivated me to prove you wrong and to work harder to achieve my goals. To all of my blogger friends, my photographers, my assistant, my contributors, and everyone else in between that helps produce a blog post, thank you. I could not do what I am doing without any of you.

With all that being said, I want to encourage every single one of you to chase your dreams. As cliche as it sounds and as much as our parents said it to us growing up, set your mind to something and go after it. There really is no dream or goal too big! There have been several ideas over the past couple of months that I have thought of and immediately thought to myself, “yea, that’s probably not going to happen.” Then, when the New Year came, I decided that I would go after anything and everything that I wanted. During a conversation once, @misstarabelle once told me, “No, is an answer that I just won’t accept.” Ever since that day we joke about it, but it has really stuck in my head.

I am challenging you all with the same challenge that I have given myself. Make a list of 5 goals to go after this year. Try to make the goals on the list to be ones that are a little out of your comfort zone or ones that you have  had in mind, but thought, “there’s no way that could happen.” Then, just take the next step to making that goal happen. Send an email or make a phone call, it may even be to just change something in your routine. You may run into a brick wall, but you have to just find a way to go through it. Do not take no for an answer. Find another way to achieve the goal. You may have to review your goal and see if there is something you need to change to be able to achieve it. You may even have to change the goal a little bit to better accommodate a situation or to be able to achieve it. Keep chasing that goal or dream until it becomes a reality.

I will continue to work hard to make the BTG brand a success and to exceed our expectations. This year has already brought some incredible opportunities and I can not wait to see what the next few months have in store.

Stay tuned, I promise you won’t regret it… 

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