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The Bow Tie Gent

The gent behind the bow tie goes by Louis, a 24-year old graduate of Wofford College, a small private institution in the South. His passion for International Business and Marketing drove him to pursue a degree in Business Economics, Spanish, and French. He currently resides in the beautiful city of Charleston, SC. In a town with only a handful of male bloggers, Louis brings his refined style with a hint of big city living.  The gent's drive for success allowed him to launch GRAND PR Firm, a full service public relations firm. Becoming a CEO at 19 years old was a highlight in his career, but there are other high goals he still wants to achieve. His initiative, determination, and hustle will allow him to surpass the expectations for himself, clients, and brands. He welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with you today. The Bow Tie Gentleman is a digital spot to interact, inspire, and influence.... Welcome to the  the Bow Tie Gentleman!


Battle of the Monday Blues

Before you read: This is how I procrastinated my Monday Responsibilities…it might be funny? Yes, we are all familiar with the evil stepsister day of the week and her name is Monday. There are those who had a little too much fun over the weekend (one too many mimosas at brunch) and others who just didn’t have enough time to finish that long To-Do list (instead we finished...


A Weekend with Jack Rogers

When hunting for a new loafer, I wanted something classic, but with a little more character. A lot of loafers and drivers these days are looking more and more similar to each other, no matter what brand they are from. Sure, I am all about hopping on the latest trends or buying the best sellers, but this time, I was...


Matte Tobacco – Details

  A couple of weeks ago, I shot with @therestorationhotel in Downtown Charleston. If you all remember, the hotel hosted my 23rd Birthday dinner at their rooftop restaurant and bar, The Watch. If you missed the post, you can read it here. If you haven’t checked out the restaurant, you probably should stop by and try all of their delicious dishes! This...


Sunday Brunch – Cannon Green Style

When the weekend arrives, you can find me seeking the best place for my favorite meal of the week, Brunch! There is nothing better than several glasses of mimosas, a table full of friends or family, and eating delicious food until you’ve reached a food coma. Living in Charleston, Brunch can be found sharpied in to everyone’s weekly agendas or...


Queen Street Grocery – Not Your Average Corner Store

A couple of weeks ago we found ourselves down on the lower end of busy King Street in Downtown Charleston. We quickly realized that we had decided to walk to our lunch spot during the hottest part of the day. Upon entering @QueenStreetGrocery, we were drawn to the refrigerators filled with a variety of cold beverages to choose from. The AC quickly gave...

Fashion Lifestyle

Saturday Strolls

  Everyone by this point knows that I love going on walks. Seriously, it is almost impossible not to when I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I will admit, there are some days that I walk, as sweat is falling from my forehead from walking 500 feet, that I question why I decided to leave my perfectly...

Food Lifestyle

The Watch – Birthday Dinner Edition

As life may have, some things just never seem to go as planned. I was quickly reminded of that a couple days before my birthday. I found myself with 72 hours to plan the perfect way to celebrate my 23rd birthday. Honestly, for a split second I had a major freak out moment, but then I remembered that I work best under...

Fashion Lifestyle

VOTE: 2016 Charleston Social Media Day Award

AHHH. So basically, I am writing this an hour after I have been made aware of my nomination for the 2016 Charleston Social Media Day – Excellence in Social Media Award. It is truly a great honor and I am so excited to a part of the conference and the award ceremony! So what is the Charleston Social Media Day? Find out...

Fashion Lifestyle

The H&M Series

By now, you all have noticed how much I have incorporated products from H&M into my wardrobe. From my every day life, to wearing their pieces at Charleston Fashion Week, H&M has helped push my fashion boundaries. You guys have heard me talk about “fashion boundaries” in previous posts. I did not really define my style until 9th or 10th grade...


New Adventures with Brooks Brothers

Hey guys! It’s been a while. For those of you that follow me on social media, you know that I took a much needed break to transition into a lot of things. Obviously, I have now settled into my new job and the new projects that came my way right before or right after fashion week. I took some time to...